A Gap Year in Germany

Why go backpacking in Germany?

Germany isn’t considered the most romantic of European destinations, and as a result is sometimes overlooked when planning a gap year in Europe. This is a profound mistake, as the largest country in central Europe is also chock-full of history (whether your poison be medieval or wartime), a centre for high culture, home to incredible natural splendour, and boasts sausages as long as your arm. We highly recommend spending a good portion of your gap year backpacking in Germany.

It boasts some of the finest cities in the world, the urban sprawl of capital city Berlin famous for its World War II and Cold War history, as well as cutting edge culture and nightlife, and picturesque Cologne, with its buzzing bar and restaurant scene and stunning Gothic cathedral. If fairytale castles are your thing, you can’t do better than Neuschwanstein, nestled amongst the breathtaking scenery of the Bavarian Alps.

Whatever your fancy, Germany can cater for it.

Things to do in Germany

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What to see in Germany

There really is too much to list here (Munich! The Black Forest! Chocolate cake!), and you’d be excused for wanting to spend months of your gap year in Germany.

If you head there in winter it’s not just magical for Christmas markets, but also has some of the best ski resorts on the continent.

Many who go backpacking in Europe do so by InterRailing, which can prove an effective way to visit Germany’s major cities before heading elsewhere. Germany’s central location makes it ideal as a country-hopping hub – it borders Belgium, Netherlands, France, Poland, Austria, and more. Just be sure you don’t miss out on what Germany has to offer.

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