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Local Currency in Germany

Currency in Germany

Germany uses the euro (EUR, €) as its only currency, along with 23 other countries that use this common European money. One euro is comprised of 100 cents.
You won’t get away with trying to use any foreign currencies in shops or other businesses – for example pounds or dollars will not be accepted. The only exception to this is inside airports or, occasionally, fast food restaurants in major train stations.

Exchanging money

The common currency of the euro means that bureau de changes can be hard to find in Germany, but they remain a common sight at airports and major train stations. It’s generally easiest to get your currency before you arrive. If you do need to exchange money in Germany, you can also do so at a bank. The Swiss Franc is accepted at some places near to the Swiss border.
Before you arrive we recommend checking with your bank that your credit or debit card will be accepted in Germany. The major providers, like Visa, MasterCard, American Express) don’t have quite the same universal acceptance that you might expect. You’ll be fine in most hotels, larger retailers, and global brands, but independent shops may prove more difficult – it’s worth having some money with you.
If you’re not sure, ask at the shop counter if foreign cards are accepted, or look for an acceptance decal or notice. Most ATMs should accept your card.

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