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A Gap Year in Norway

Why go backpacking in Norway?

Norway is a beautiful and sparsely populated country in Scandinavia, and it offers backpackers and gap year travellers breath-taking trips and stunning scenery. Backpacking in Norway is an unmissable part of any European trip, especially as part of a tour of neighbours Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

The fjords of the southwest represent Europe at it’s most mind-blowingly dramatic, with long narrow inlets surrounded by tall mountains where the sea penetrates far inland. The North Cape’s midnight sun is another famous feature of Norway, where in the town of Tromso the sun never rises in winter and never sets in midsummer.

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What to see in Norway

The country was an old Viking Kingdom but today is known for its oil and seafood exports. In winter alpine skiing and snowboarding are really popular, and summer is great for biking and hiking around the enormous mountain areas. Norway is primarily a land for nature lovers, however the country also offers a rich cultural experience from its varied history.

This is a peaceful nation filled with wonder and magnificence. Why not do some kind of Scandinavian tour and soak up some Norway magic?

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