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A Gap Year in Russia

Why go backpacking in Russia?

Backpacking in Russia gives you the chance to straddle the continents of Europe and Asia in a truly epic adventure.

Russia is a country liberally soaked in culture, history and vodka. All of which you can sample on any length of visit. If cities call you, no doubt a trip to the capital Moscow will be high on your list. Towered over by the gold-tipped spires of the famous Kremlin in the red square, the crystal white stone of the buildings shine like a beacon drawing travellers in.

If you can tear yourselves from the opulence and gilt of Moscow there is an endless array of beautiful cities like the iconic St. Petersburg, beautiful countryside and infinite adventures. This is the end point for many InterRail trips, and it’s easy to see why.

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What to see in Russia

Russia spans nine time zones, is 8,000km across at its widest point and has an environment that ranges from sub-tropical to freezing, wet to arid; travelling across the interior is like seeing many countries in one.

Russia borders 12 (yes 12!) other countries – including China, Ukraine, and Finland – so can easily be incorporated into round the world trips, but with such a wealth of adventures on the interior you’ll be kept busy exploring for a long while.

Whether you go by boat on cruises down the Volga, by train on the famous Trans-Siberian Railway or by foot, Russia is an exploration that you won’t want to miss.

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