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A Gap Year in Sweden

Why go backpacking in Sweden?

Sweden is the largest country in northern Europe’s Scandinavia region. It borders Nordic neighbours Finland and Norway, and the bridge of Oresund connects it to Denmark. This makes backpacking in Sweden essential either as a one-country stop, or as part of a wider tour of the region. You could even InterRail your way around.

Photo-focused travellers looking for exploration will find it in Sweden. It’s crystal clear waters, vibrant meadows and valleys, dense forests and remote islands, make it a landscape photographers dream.

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Why go?

Some of the world’s lowest crime levels and a very tourist-friendly local population make a few weeks in Sweden a great stop on an InterRail trip.

An urbanophile backpacker will find Sweden’s cities buzzing and cool, and for those willing to splash out a little on their gap year, Stockholm has some incredible hotels, uber-hip night clubs and banging bars.

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