Exhilaration and Hilarity: the World Through the Eye of a GoPro

In 2002 a man called Nick Woodman took a surfing trip to Australia with the aim of documenting the experience on camera. Unfortunately the ineptitude of the action-filming equipment then available to amateurs soon made itself abundantly clear. He returned home disappointed.

But also inspired, for he had discovered a cavernous gap in the amateur photography market. Just two years later Woodman brought out the first GoPro camera. A revolution had begun for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

GoPro has since introduced a number of new models and while the quality keeps improving, one thing remains consistent and true to the brand: they are incredibly unburdensome, simple to use and perfect for action shots.

Check out these awesome GoPro videos.

Probably the best of the bunch, this epically high-octane action video, which went viral earlier this year, is actually the official music video for the Biting Elbows' track 'Bad Motherf***er'.

Despite the title of this video, you would have to assume these daredevils are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Nevertheless, this is BASE jumping as seen through GoPro. And it's awesome.

Ever since Jaws people have been a touch wary of great white sharks, but freediver Ocean Ramsey shows us there is (probably) nothing to fear, as she gets impressively up close and personal.

If only the daily commute was this epic… The steep streets of Valparaiso in Chile are home to the butt-clenching Cerro Abajo Downhill Urban Bike Race, and this is what it's like to take part.

The true scale of what this yellow-trousered maniac is trying to achieve gradually becomes alarmingly clear as the video progresses. Basically, an avalanche. Lucky he had a parachute.

In this sedate but addictively watchable offering, some engineers from California attach a GoPro to a balloon and send it into Space. It's a bit like zooming back really slowly in Google Earth.

In this stunningly shot video, 138 people smash the Vertical Skydiving World Record, forming a snowflake formation while plummeting at 220mph. It all looks remarkably serene.

Big Wave Surfing World Campion Jamie Sterling travels to some of the most stunning locations in the world, including Hawaii and Chile, on this epic, beautifully shot adventure.

As you well know, to produce a compilation of Internet videos devoid of a feline would probably cause the world to implode, so here you are: a man, a bicycle, a GoPro and a cat. Enjoy.

This is just funny. A seagull ruthlessly swipes a man’s GoPro and flies off with it. The best part is 0.33, where the bird can be heard clearly mocking the unfortunate soul.

Have we missed any really obvious choices? Perhaps you've seen something we haven't: let us know in the comments!