The Coolest Festival in Japan

Today marks the start of the world-famous Yuki Matsuri Snow Festival in Japan.

Sapporo Snow Festival

The event sees Sapporo, a city located on the island of Hokkaido, transform into a surreal winter wonderland dominated by enormous ice and snow sculptures.

The works of frozen art are truly magnificent spectacles, ranging from larger-than-life animals to historical monuments to scenes from Japanese culture.

Sapporo Snow Sculpture

The festival attracts 2 million people each year, only 3% of whom are international visitors, though the sculptures are created by expert teams from around the world.

Check out these photos from previous years:

Sapporo Ice Sculptures

Snow dragon sculpture

Snow palace

Sapporo snow children

Sapporo snow festival

Unbelievable ice sculptures

Lots of tiny snowmen

Snow festival

Snow monster

Ice palace

Ice sculptures in Japan

Snow temple