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Why Australia?

Australia is awesome. So, so awesome.

You’d need a lifetime and then some to experience all the amazing things the Land Down Under has to offer. The landscapes are magnificently awe-inspiring, the natural wonders are unbelievably beautiful and the cities are dazzlingly exciting.

This is where you’ll find Uluru, one of many jaw-dropping sights in the other-worldly Outback. It’s where you’ll find the Great Barrier Reef, a maze of stunning coral reef systems peppered with paradise islands. And it’s also where you’ll find the buzzing, vibrant Sydney, with its world-famous harbour, opera house and bridge. And that’s just the start.

On top of all the amazing sights and adventures Australia has to offer, its culture is renowned for being incredibly friendly, laidback and welcoming. Australians are immensely proud of their country and they love sharing it with whoever is lucky enough to visit.

It’s little wonder that Australia is one of the top tourist destinations on Earth and, in turn, home to one of the most respected and successful tourism industries, too, meaning there are few better places to gain some valuable experience in hospitality work.

Okay, so why Alliance Abroad?

Alliance Abroad is a highly respected company which specialises in finding awesome hospitality jobs and internships for people who want to spend 6 months to a year working in Australia.

All the positions they offer are paid (more on that below) and they will guarantee you a job placement before you depart the UK. A dedicated team of experts will be on hand 24/7, right from the moment you begin applying when you’re in the UK, to when you’re actually out in Australia working.

The company provides a professional review and optimisation of your CV, one-on-one support through the application and interview process, and they’ll also help you find safe and secure accommodation before you get there. They will also provide free assistance with tax return once your employment is finished.

In a nutshell, these guys are awesome.

And here's where it gets really good...

Alliance Abroad will only find you hospitality jobs with high-end, luxury companies, so stop thinking grotty bedsits and start thinking 5-star beachfront resorts! Depending on where you’d like to live and work in Australia, you could be based anywhere from luxury rainforest lodges in the tropical north of Queensland to 5-star ocean-view hotels on the amazing Kangaroo Island off the south coast.

This not only ensures you have an awesome experience while earning a bit of cash, but it’ll also look very impressive on your CV if you can namedrop some of the best hotels and restaurants in the world.

Show me the money!

Just like the UK, Australia has a minimum wage system, but unlike the UK, Australia’s minimum wage is much better.

In the UK it is currently at £6.31 per hour, but in Australia it’s the dollar equivalent to £9.05 per hour – almost 50% higher!

And to reiterate, that would be the absolute minimum. Most of the jobs Alliance Abroad offer pay between £11-£16 per hour ($20-30).

They estimate, on average, for a 6 month placement your earnings will be between $12,000-$13,000 and for one year your earnings will be between $25,000-$26,000.

To sum up, you’ll gain fantastic experience in the hospitality industry while living in one of the most amazing countries on the planet, and you’ll earn a handsome amount of money while doing so.

Oh wait, am I eligible?

Are you aged between 18 -30?

Are you a citizen of either the UK, Ireland, USA or Canada?

Do you have a passport?

Did you get at least five GSCEs at grade D-G?

Have you previously entered Australia on a Working Holiday Visa?

If you answered Yes to the first four, and No to the last one, you’re eligible!

Awesome! How can I get in touch?

Just fill out the form below and the friendly folks at Alliance Abroad will be in touch over the next few days.