I'm A Backpacker... Get Me In Here!

What is the Competition?

How would you like to win a free trip to Australia, stay at a luxury hotel and get up to wild adventures in a sub-tropical jungle? Celebrities may want to get out of there, but we know backpackers want to get in.

And now gapyear.com has teamed up with Gold Coast Tourism to create an awesome competition. Six lucky winners will have the experience of a lifetime on Australia's Gold Coast.

The six victorious entrants will be flown from the UK courtesy of Qantas. Once in Australia, they’ll spend their first night at the famous Palazzo Versace hotel where the ITV celebrities stay when not in the jungle, and get to hang out on the famous surfing beaches of Australia’s Gold Coast.

But it’s not all holiday. The lucky six will also face their own bush tucker trials. The ultimate winner, the Backpacker King or Queen of the Jungle, will walk away with a grand mystery prize.  

Following your stay in the jungle you will have the opportunity to explore the fabulous Gold Coast

Interested? We thought so!

How do I Enter?

Entering is super easy! Here's how...

  1. Make a one-minute video explaining why you'd like to take part in 'I'm A Backpacker... Get Me In Here!'

  2. Email your video to competitions@gapyear.com via MailBigFile.

  3. When we put your video live on our YouTube channel, share your entry with everyone you know and get them to Like it.

  4. The winners will be the entrants with the most Likes on YouTube!

What Kind of Video Should I Make?

What sort of video do you need to make? Don't worry, it doesn't have to be a Hollywood masterpiece! Just keep it fun, simple and cool. Here's an example featuring gapyear.com's Macca Sherifi...

What are the Latest Entries?

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What are the latest videos to flood in to the competition? Watch the most recent entries, then 'Like' your favourites on our YouTube channel. The videos with the most likes win!

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In a Nutshell?

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Want a competition breakdown? Here it is...

  • Gapyear.com is sending six people to Australia!
  • The winners will spend one night in a luxury hotel.
  • They'll do bushtucker trials in the jungle to earn points.
  • The backpacker with the most points wins overall!
  • Enter by sending us a one-minute video explaining why you want to go
  • Direct people to Like your video on YouTube
  • The videos with most Likes win!
  • The competition closes 31 January 2012

How Can I Win?

Competition: Gold Coast Backpacker: YouTube channel Featured Image

Get people to like your video on our YouTube channel!

Where can I Follow?

Follow the competition live on gapyear.com's social media!

Terms & Conditions

For full information related to this competition please read the Terms & Conditions.