Business & Finance Internships Abroad

Work experience in business overseas

Business internships and finance internships are a fantastic way to gain some unique experience in competitive industries while also getting to travel the world. They offer something a little different, which is bound to make your CV stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs.

There are all kinds of placements in all different kinds of destinations, including small, medium, and large scale businesses in countries like India, Brazil, China, and Spain. Business and finance internships will variously teach you skills in sales management, accounting, client relationship management, lead generation, record taking, and more. You’ll not only gain invaluable hands-on experience, but also gain a global view of business and how practices differ overseas. Whatever your skills and interests, there will be a placement to help take you to the next level, and make some incredible travel memories along the way.

Have a look at the options available, and find a business and finance internship to get your career on the right track.

Top business and finance internships abroad


Byron Bay Startup Internship Program

from £2800

30 - 60 days


Join one of the world’s most innovative gap year programs and find out why our alumni have gone on to...

Bali Startup Internship Program

from £2000

30 - 60 days

1-2 Month Startup Internship Program in Bali

Microfinance / Women’s Empowerment Internships

from £1035

28 - 168 days

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers unparalleled natural beauty within a rapidly developing economy. Looking for an internship which combines adventure travel with...

NGO Support Internships in Peru

from £690

35 - 168 days


Based in the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, affordable internships in Cusco offer something for everyone!

Microfinance Internships in Guatemala

from £750

28 - 168 days


Visually stunning with incredible natural, cultural and historical attractions, professional internships in Guatemala provide a true Central American experience.

Graphic Design internships in Bali

from £1050

56 - 168 days


The Indonesian island of Bali is known for stunning scenery, diverse arts and vibrant culture. As an internship destination, Bali...

Start Up Entrepreneurship Internships in Cape Town

from £660

14 - 168 days

South Africa

Cape Town is a fantastic destination for an international internship - a vibrant and bustling city with business, medical and...

NGO Management & Administration Internships in Bali

from £500

14 - 168 days


The Indonesian island of Bali is known for stunning scenery, diverse arts & vibrant culture. As an internship destination, Bali...

Tourism Operations Internship in Ireland

from £924

14 days


Friendly Irish home-stay accommodation for interns provides affordable living and access to valuable personal and professional development opportunities within Dublin.

Entrepreneur Internship in Shanghai

from £3000

28 - 180 days


Learn from successful entrepreneurs in one of the most important cities in Asia. Launch your career while discovering Shanghai.

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