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Teaching Internships Abroad

Work experience in teaching overseas

If you’re considering a career in education, be it as a teacher, a librarian, an administrator, or something else completely, teaching internships are the ideal way to combine getting vital experience with travelling to new and exciting places. Although there are numerous paths into education work in the UK, taking an education internship abroad offers insight into different systems of teaching and education, the chance to work alongside seasoned educators, and lets you work out exactly what kind of role is right for you. Doing all this while living somewhere like India, France, or China and travelling in your free time is just the icing on the cake.

Popular programs include running summer camps and day care centres, teaching English to children and adults, community development and sexual awareness workshops. You can introduce alternative ways to construct classes and even take on a class yourself once you have built up the confidence and relationships with your pupils. Why not take advantage of a second language and ask your students to teach you the local tongue in exchange for their new language skills? If you prefer to teach adults, there are a range of programs that focus on adult education.

Depending on what education internship you choose (and we recommend you think carefully about which is most in line with your interests or goals), you can improve your language skills, meet children and young people from different backgrounds, and gain industry contacts all over the world. By expanding your horizons and diversifying your skills in this way, you’ll have a leg up on other candidates when you eventually come home and begin looking for work, not to mention memories that will last forever.

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