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Education & Youth Development Internships in Japan

Education & Youth Development Internships in Japan
From £1150 - 3780
Duration 4 - 24 Days
From £1150 - 3780
Duration 4 - 24 Days
Intern Abroad HQ offers flexible and affordable internships in Tokyo, Japan!

Intern Abroad HQ offers affordable and exciting internships in Tokyo, Japan. A city like no other, interns in Tokyo should come prepared for an eye-opening professional and cultural immersion that will create an unforgettable experience and incomparable internship. Internships in Tokyo are available year round, from a minimum duration requirement of just 4 weeks.
Japanese society tends to highly value competition, achievement and success. These values begin to be imparted at school and from an early age, children are encouraged to work within groups to compete with each other, refining their teamwork and sense of accomplishment. Parents will typically encourage their children to work hard at their education, in attempt to gain access to the very best universities and future prospects. The drive for excellence continues throughout adulthood and many people work very long hours to pursue career goals, nurture relationships with colleagues, and work their way up the corporate ladder.
Parents of students are keen for their children to have English-language exposure and immersion; however, it is important to anticipate a language barrier and come prepared to adapt your usual way of speaking (e.g. speak slower, use simple vocabulary). Education & Youth Development interns are recommended to come prepared with ideas for any games/activities/strategies that will help to overcome the language barrier. Positive experiences require a willingness to surmount the language barrier, as opposed to being intimidated by it. Note that the local staff at internship placements usually have a basic understanding of simple English sentences.
Placements are based on your skill set and our flexibility allows us to match interns based on their specifics interests. Come with an open-minded, positive and adaptable attitude.
Find out more information on our website, it’s free and non-obligatory to apply, but it helps us to provide further guidance and provide instructions on how you may confirm your internship experience abroad.

What's Included

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  • Airport Pickup
Experience Internships
Region Asia
Country Japan

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At Intern Abroad HQ, our mission is to connect students and young professionals with flexible and affordable internships around the world. Our internship programs promote cross-cultural competency, while providing interns with tools to inspire personal and professional development.
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