Engineering Internships Abroad

Develop an engineering career while travelling

Engineering is one of the most varied and competitive fields in the world, and truly a global industry, making engineering internships one of the most valuable steps you can take on the path to the career of your dreams.

Look at it this way: engineering work experience abroad gives you hands-on experience in your desired field working alongside industry professionals, demonstrates your willingness to learn and seek new ideas and techniques. It also shows you’re able to think globally, all tied up with the fun of discovering a new country, whether in Europe, Australasia or North America, immersing yourself in its culture, and meeting like-minded people.

There are all kinds of engineering placements abroad: mechanical engineering internships, manufacturing engineering internships, civil engineering internships, chemical engineering internships, and many more. The wealth of opportunities available allows you to think carefully about your interests and desired career, where best in the world to pursue it, and choose the right placement for you.

Top engineering internships abroad


International Engineering Internship In Japan

from £1690

60 - 180 days

Japan is one of the most prominent engineering hubs in Asia, which makes this country an attractive destination to pursue...

International Engineering Internship In Korea

from £1690

60 - 180 days

South Korea is a unique country to pursue an engineering internship, as there are so many different opportunities at your...

International Engineering Internship In Vietnam

from £1550

60 - 180 days

Vietnam in recent years has steadily improved its economic standing, which also reflects towards various industries in the country.

International Engineering Internship In Thailand

from £1030

60 - 180 days

Thailand is one of the up and coming engineering hubs of not only the Southeast Asia region but the entire...

Architecture & Design Internships in Bali

from £1420

84 - 168 days

Bali is known for stunning scenery, diverse arts and vibrant culture. As an internship destination, Bali offers diverse opportunities for...

International Engineering Internship In China

from £1240

60 - 180 days

China maintains one of the world's largest economies and is showing a tremendous amount of growth in the country's infrastructure.

International Engineering Internship In Indonesia

from £1550

60 - 180 days

Indonesia in recent years has drastically modernized the engineering industry and is rapidly developing the country's entire infrastructure.

International Engineering Internship In Singapore

from £1690

60 - 180 days

Singapore is an ideal destination to pursue an international engineering internship for students and young professionals.

International Engineering Internship In Hong Kong

from £2200

60 - 180 days

Hong Kong is a great destination for young students and professionals interested in gaining international work experience in the engineering...


Dubai Discovery

from £300

A city like no other, Dubai is the story of the little fishing village that could, and of a city...

Istanbul to Tehran by Rail

Iran, Islamic Republic of, Turkey

You may have made your way into Turkey before, but now it's time to take it a little farther east...

Spiritual India

from £515


This awesome India adventure is for the inner-balance types out there (you know who you are). Seek out the best...

Road to Prague

from £1736

Step into cities filled with glittering streets and a story to tell. From Rome to Prague, this whirlwind adventure covers...

Eastern Pathways

from £1736

To trip around Eastern Europe is to take the road less travelled. However, it is an exciting and vibrant road...

Bali, Komodo & Flores Adventure

from £2044


The many islands of Indonesia are scattered like gems across the Indian Ocean, hidden oases of tropical rainforests, colourful reefs...

Costa Rica: Raft, Snorkel & Kayak

from £1100

Costa Rica

Quench your wanderlust while sating an appetite for adventure on this active trip through one of the world's greenest countries....

China Real Food Adventure

from £1715


Welcome to enigmatic China, where culture, history and cuisine all combine to create a truly mesmerising travel experience. Taste the...

Cape & Dunes Overland (Southbound)

from £919

Namibia, South Africa

Experience incredible desert scenery and cosmopolitan city streets as you discover the diverse riches of South Africa and Namibia on...

The Big Easy

from £2249

There are regular vaycays. And then there’s The Big Easy. No comprende? Let us break it down. Compare the Cuban...

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