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Engineering Internships in Spain

Intern in Spain

Engineering Internships in Spain
From £1198
Duration 14 - 168 Days
From £1198
Duration 14 - 168 Days
Engineering Internships in Valencia, Spain starting from just two weeks in duration.

Intern Abroad HQ offers flexible and affordable internships in Spain!
If you’ve been looking for a great engineering internship opportunity, then these internships in Spain may be right for you. The engineering internship placements are available within many different specialized sectors, such as civil engineering, industrial engineering, digital manufacturing, food, plastic, steel, auto, furniture, electronics, textile, railway, PV and renewable energy (i.e. thermal solar energy, wind power, and biomass).
Interns can expect to assist with various projects related to their study background and level of experience. Interns participate under the guidance of a project manager and may also contribute to consultancy and turnkey projects.
At digital manufacturing placements, the lab is equipped with software and manufacturing machines that allow professionals and staff to transform all the ideas and concepts into reality and to accelerate the development of digital manufacturing. Interns could expect to work and collaborate with current projects, while assisting with the development of new projects. This involves help with elaborating plans, impressions of pieces in 3D, assembly of different components, managing and solving issues, while also keeping the lab clean and tidy.
Placements are based on your skill set and our flexibility allows us to match interns based on their specifics interests. Come with an open-minded, positive and adaptable attitude.
Find out more information on our website, it’s free and non-obligatory to apply, but it helps us to provide further guidance and provide instructions on how you may confirm your internship experience abroad.

What's Included

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Experience Internships
Region Europe
Country Spain

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At Intern Abroad HQ, our mission is to connect students and young professionals with flexible and affordable internships around the world. Our internship programs promote cross-cultural competency, while providing interns with tools to inspire personal and professional development.
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