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Event Management Internships in Bali

Event Management Internships in Bali
From £1140 - 2610
Duration 60 - 180 Days
From £1140 - 2610
Duration 60 - 180 Days
Internships in Bali starting from just 8 weeks in duration.

Looking to do an internship on a stunning island paradise? Look no further than Intern Abroad HQ’s programs in Bali. If gaining a foot up in the job market, while spending your weekends among the sand and surf, this is an opportunity that should not be missed.
If you have a flair for organization and a keen eye for detail, then an Event Management in Bali can provide you with unique experience to put your talent into action. Collaborate proactively with teams in developing effective strategies for events and business initiatives. Come prepared to be adaptable, creative and business-minded!
Interns are matched according to an analysis of their skills, experience, educational background, and duration of stay. The specific details of the assigned placement will be provided to interns who have confirmed their participation, prior to their chosen start date. We encourage applicants to submit a comprehensive application and state any placement/activity preferences when applying.
Find out more information on our website, it’s free and non-obligatory to apply, but it helps us to provide further guidance and provide instructions on how you may confirm your internship experience abroad.

Experience Internships
Region South East Asia
Country Indonesia

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At Intern Abroad HQ, our mission is to connect students and young professionals with flexible and affordable internships around the world. Our internship programs promote cross-cultural competency, while providing interns with tools to inspire personal and professional development.
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