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Hospitality Internships Abroad

Catering work experience and more

Hospitality is a global, varied industry full of career opportunities, and hospitality internships abroad are the ideal way to get your foot in the door, work out which career is for you, and add some top experience to your CV. Taking part in hospitality and catering placements abroad allows workers to observe the way things are done in other countries so that they can bring their newly learnt skills back home with them.

Hospitality and catering opportunities can be found all around the world, from Europe to Australia to Canada, and participants with any level of experience or qualifications are generally accepted. You’re usually required to carry out tasks such as front desk maintenance, event management, waiting tables, sous chef duties and more. Placements typically run for approximately 3-6 months, however, many different companies now run more flexible programs that could run for more or less time.

Working on the ground alongside seasoned professionals, you can learn all about the intricacies of managing a hotel, how to make a busy restaurant run like clockwork, the secrets to a successful catering business, or how to fill a bar with thirsty tourists night after night.

Many hospitality internships are found in Australia, where a roaring tourist trade will put you at the heart of the action. Having access to this incredible country in your time-off is just about the best job perk you could ask for. Pick a placement, rack up experience in an unforgettable destination, and come home primed to kick off your career.

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