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International Environmental Internship In Thailand

International Environmental Internship In Thailand
From £1030 - 11930
Duration 60 - 180 Days
From £1030 - 11930
Duration 60 - 180 Days
As Asia develops as a region, the environment becomes an increasing global concern

With so much focus on economic growth, consideration for the environment is often put on the sidelines. Asia is home to a multitude of biomes including tundras, forests, deserts, mountains, wetlands, grasslands, rainforest and not to mention the diverse marine life. Completing an international environmental internship in Thailand during your gap year will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge that you can take back to your home country and your future career.
Past Environmental interns have been involved and worked on the following projects:

  • Researching and developing reports for energy efficient improvements.
  • Conducting analyses on overseas policy trends on energy efficiency.
  • Developing a methodology to measure estimated carbon savings and environmental benefits of various projects.
  • Compiling reports on mainstream technologies in international renewable energy.
  • Liaising with regulatory organizations such as environmental agencies.

Our program allows you to completely customize your international environmental internship experience in Thailand, including your sector of choice, duration and start/end date. With our network of partner companies that consist of multinational corporations, rapidly growing start-ups and charitable NGOs, we’re sure to find an organization that matches your specifications and requirements. Past interns who have gone through our Thailand internship program have found their experience to be extremely valuable and have been able to vastly develop their professional skill sets in an international environment.
Loh Samuh Bay
Asia Internship Program doesn’t just offer an internship placement, but rather an entire experience. Below you will see everything that comes along with our program.

Placement Package

  • Customized internship placement
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Visa assistance
  • CV/Resume enhancement
  • Certification from your host company
  • Networking events

Program Fees

Duration USD ($) EUR (€)
2 months 1,030 908
3 months 1,030 908
4 months 1,230 1.084
5 months 1,410 1.243
6 months 1,560 1.375

* The prices shown are inclusive of 7% VAT

Standard Package

  • Placement Package Features
  • Fully furnished accommodation
  • Airport pick-up at arrival
  • Preloaded public transportation card
  • Domestic SIM card
  • Pick-up & drop-off from your accommodation to your workplace on your first day
  • Language & culture courses

Program Fees

Duration USD ($) EUR (€)
2 months 3,690 3.253
3 months 4,710 4.152
4 months 5,730 5.052
5 months 6,740 5.942
6 months 7,760 6.841

* The prices shown are inclusive of 7% VAT

Signature Package

  • Standard Package Features
  • Deluxe Accommodation
  • Gym Pass (Guava pass or Similar)
  • Monthly Trip to Explore the Country
  • Language Classes
  • Exclusive Networking Events

Program Fees

Duration USD ($) EUR (€)
2 months 5,670 4.999
3 months 7,230 6.374
4 months 8,780 7.741
5 months 10,330 9.107
6 months 11,930

* The prices shown are inclusive of 7% VAT

So what are you waiting for? Apply now and get your professional experience.

Experience Internships
Region South East Asia
Country Thailand

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