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Journalism Internship in Tokyo

Launch your career in Japan

Journalism Internship in Tokyo
From £3700
Duration 42 - 180 Days
From £3700
Duration 42 - 180 Days
Get ahead in the competitive world of journalism by pursuing a leading internship in Tokyo, Japan’s futuristic capital. Launch your career in Asia.

We offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable journalism experience in Japan’s capital, futuristic Tokyo. Professional experience in Tokyo will allow you to make paramount global connections and enhance your career prospects.
This experience will prepare you for a successful career in journalism, as we partner with hundreds of leading publications, stations and organisations.
You can expect to learn:
• How business is conducted in Japan
• How to conduct oneself in a working environment, in the context of a different culture – a skill much sought after by employers worldwide!
• A thorough understanding of the media sector
Due to local visa regulations it should be noted that these internships are learning, educational experiences and therefore unpaid.
Who is it for:
High school graduates, university students/graduates/postgraduates with a keen, proven interest in the journalism
The accommodation & all the other benefits:
Our accommodation in Tokyo includes a private bedroom in a student apartment. All accommodation options are situated in pleasant and safe areas of Tokyo.
In addition to a first class internship and great accommodation, you will receive 24/7 emergency support on the ground from our local, full-time team. This includes thorough pre-trip information, a welcome package on arrival including airport pick-up, safety orientation & ongoing assistance throughout your stay.
We have a large number of international students at all times on our program in Japan, and organize regular social & cultural events, thus providing you with an excellent network of friends and contacts from all over the world! We also offer an alumni career coaching session. We also offer an alumni career coaching session.
What are you going to get out of it?
• A major boost to your resume – intern in one of the most important cities in the world
• An incredible learning experience – learning from leading professionals in Japan
• A cultural immersion – this is more than an internship – it’s a chance to immerse yourself in the culture of one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world.
• An amazing personal experience – new and exciting experiences, the time of your life!

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Country Japan

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