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LGBTQ Internship in Thailand

LGBTQ Internship in Thailand
From £1100
Duration 30 Days
From £1100
Duration 30 Days
Our internships abroad enable students, graduates and career breakers to gain hands-on experience with NGOs and projects operating in a variety of fields.

Why choose this project?

This internship is a good match for those who are interested in human rights and wish to provide practical support to those who are working with the LGBTQ community and other vulnerable groups.  If you are studying topics such as gender, public health or community development this could be perfect for you.  You will have the chance to shadow and learn as well as contributing by completing your own pieces of work.

The Internship

Interns will become a part of the office staff and support the local organization with their community and online activities.  This is a professional well run organization, and interns will need to add value as well as meeting their own learning goals.  You will see how initiatives are planned and implemented, and support with fundraising, report writing, and marketing, including website and social media updates. You will also develop the capacity of the organisation by teaching the local staff English.  In addition, there may be chances to see public health outreach, HIV / STI testing, education and other grassroots work with transgender men and women, and at-risk groups.

Why Choose an Internship Abroad?

Our internship placements have been developed to provide in-depth opportunities and experiences for participants looking to work within specific fields, making a positive impact on communities and environments. Compared to traditional Kaya volunteer placements, internships require a longer time commitment, are focused on a specific area of an organization, and ensure interns are placed to work under the guidance of a supervisor who can provide feedback and assessment of the work being carried out.
We have placements in a wide variety of fields including:

  • Business
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Community Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Hospitality
  • Journalism
  • Medical and Health
  • Environment and Conservation
  • Veterinary

Internship placements generally are at least four weeks long, with regular start dates throughout the year but we encourage students to participate longer wherever possible. We want every person who completes a Kaya internship to come out with new career-oriented skills that they have developed during their stay. All of our internship placements are with organizations that work to improve communities, environments and the quality of life in their locations. Because of this, Kaya interns know that while they are developing their own skills and experience, they are also contributing to an organization that is making a real difference.
If you are interested in joining one of our internship programmes or would like some ideas on how to fundraise for your internship,  please contact one of our project advisors for information on availability and for answers to all other questions.

Experience Internships
Region Asia, South East Asia
Country Thailand

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