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Marine Mammals & Sea Turtle Conservation Internship in Greece

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Marine Mammals & Sea Turtle Conservation Internship in Greece
From £810
Duration 28 - 168 Days
From £810
Duration 28 - 168 Days
We offer year-round internships in Samos Island, Greece. Programs begin from just 4 weeks - gain insight and experience into scientific research and environmental protection in one of the most biologi...

Internships in Greece Intern Abroad HQ
Intern Abroad HQ offers flexible and affordable internships in Greece! The Marine Mammals & Sea Turtle Conservation internship is available year-round and has a minimum duration requirement of 4 weeks and is suitable for undergraduates / graduates of study related to environmental sciences, biology, ecology, chemistry etc.
The eastern Aegean of the Mediterranean is home to a large number of marine mammals which are classified either as at risk or data deficient. This habitat is in desperate need of protection and interns gain the opportunity to learn about the scientific processes being undertaken to protect vulnerable species. Internship activities that fall within the scope of the Marine Mammals & Sea Turtle Conservation internship include:

  • Monitoring marine mammals and sea turtles and their habitat, with visual and acoustic data collection (to study the abundance, distribution and behavior).
  • Studying the population structure and its dynamics, developing a photo-ID database.
  • Land and boat based surveys to investigate the impact of major threats, such as fishing and tourism, on cetacean behavior.
  • Creating GIS maps to pinpoint critical habitats and understand the factors threatening them.
  • Delivering first aid to live stranded animals and conducting necropsies of animals that have been found stranded and dead.
  • Eco-navigation team members visit nearby ports to encourage recreational sailors and tourists to report dolphin and other marine mammal sightings.

Find out more information on our website, it’s free and non-obligatory to apply, but it helps us to provide further guidance and provide instructions on how you may confirm your internship experience abroad.
Intern Abroad HQ internships in Samos, Greece
Have a look at testaments from those those that have already been there and done it:
“My experience with Intern Abroad HQ was nothing less than amazing. It was an eye opening and life-changing experience for me. Of course, there were some difficult times while I was there (such as communication and transportation because they are much different than what I am used to from back home); however, if you aren’t a little uncomfortable while traveling in another country and immersing yourself in another culture then you wouldn’t be doing it right! It can be scary and overwhelming but what you learn and who you meet in the end is so worth it! I highly suggest working with Intern Abroad HQ and gaining the knowledge and amazing experiences in another culture!” – Kayla Myott 
“The whole experience became something that I will always keep in my heart, it was just an amazing opportunity that I will never forget. The internship was a great experience for me to try different specialties in a short-term period, which helps me to pre-select what would give me joy to work on in the future. I feel more confident, I feel more skilled, and have acquired knowledge that I know I can use in future.” – Ana Pereira
“Intern Abroad HQ allowed me to combine my program work with their experiential learning program. The guidance provided through the Intern Abroad HQ program provided fresh structure and insight and the reflections on things like culture, communication, problem-solving and expectations really helped with my adjustment period and ability to think outside the box. I’d definitely recommend this approach to anyone else looking to intern abroad!” – Samuel John

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Region Europe
Country Greece

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