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Marketing & PR Internships Abroad

Work experience for a marketing career

Marketing and PR is an increasingly varied, global industry that develops and changes rapidly. Marketing internships and PR internships overseas can be a great way to not only learn the fundamentals alongside veteran industry professionals, but also to find new ideas and stay one step ahead of the trends.

With the rise of digital marketing it’s not unusual for firms from all over the world to collaborate on a single campaign. By gaining work experience in Asia, Australasia, Europe or North America you’ll have the chance to learn about both local and global markets and marketing techniques, develop a wider net of contacts, and demonstrate to future employers that you’re able to think big and coordinate across time zones and continents.

On top of all that, marketing internships and PR internships allow you to travel and see the world in your free time, and make friends and memories that will last forever, before you knuckle down to launch your fabulous marketing career. What are you waiting for?!

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