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Medical Work Experience Abroad

Overseas internships in medicine

Medicine is one of the most important careers anybody can pursue, and medical work experience abroad not only sets you on that noble path, it also puts you to work in vulnerable communities all over the world where help is sorely needed.

There are medical internships abroad to suit everybody, whatever stage you’re at in your career. If you’re a pre-med student you can observe the professionals and assist with general care and administrative tasks. Medical students can work alongside doctors and nurses and undertake some medical tasks under careful supervision. Qualified medical interns can practice administering medical treatment, developing resource materials, and supporting local pharmacies.

A popular option is nursing. You could look for a nursing internships in developed countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the UK, or give a helping hand to countries struggling with their healthcare systems such as Cambodia, Zimbabwe and Mexico, amongst others. Nursing can educate you on a whole range of techniques to deal with sicknesses not commonly found at home such as leprosy, malaria and HIV. In turn, you might even teach the locals the thing or two or help them with their English language skills by engaging in conversation.

Whether you’re looking to choose a specialisation or simply working out if medicine is the right career path for you, medical internships abroad offer the perfect platform to figure it out while doing valuable work, helping people, and seeing more of what the world has to offer. Whatever your goals and interests, you’ll find something to suit them here.

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