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Occupational Therapy Internships in Cape Town

Intern in South Africa

Occupational Therapy Internships in Cape Town
From £920
Duration 28 - 168 Days
From £920
Duration 28 - 168 Days
Cape Town is a fantastic destination for an international internship - a vibrant and bustling city with business, medical and social internships available.

We offer fantastic internship opportunities in Cape Town, South Africa! Intern Abroad HQ interns are placed in a bustling area of Cape Town, near the University, which provides a safe and convenient base from which to explore all that Cape Town has to offer, while working in one of the many internship fields available. With start dates every Monday and internships available from a 4 week duration, the flexibility of this program makes it easily accessible.
Internship placements for Occupational Therapy are available within special education schools, hospitals and care facilities. In these placements interns work alongside local professionals to provide assistance and support to those who are struggling to improve or regain mobility. Interns assist with daily care and rehabilitation of patients, administering treatments, education and vocational training.
To learn more about the Occupational Therapy internship opportunities available in Cape Town, and express your interest of interning with us, simply apply online.

What's Included

  • Food
  • Accommodation
Experience Internships
Region Africa
Country South Africa

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