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Real Estate & Property Management Internships in Cape Town

Internships in South Africa

Real Estate & Property Management Internships in Cape Town
From £920
Duration 28 - 168 Days
From £920
Duration 28 - 168 Days
Cape Town is a fantastic destination for an international internship - a vibrant and bustling city with diverse business and social internships available.

Intern Abroad HQ offers flexible and affordable internships in Cape Town, South Africa! Cape Town is a destination that will allow you the chance to make the most out of your time abroad. You can do it all there, so your free-time will be packed with lots to see and do… whether you want to be in the city, hiking the mountains, or learning to surf at the beach.
Real Estate & Property Management internship placements in Cape Town allow interns the opportunity to explore their creative talents, while becoming involved in the running operations of a business. The placements are designed with a focus on investment property, property management, brokerage, and private equity. Interns have the opportunity to interface with various levels of management within real estate and property management business.
Daily tasks vary, depending on the specific placement, but may generally involve conducting market research for potential business opportunities, analysing financial reports, data entry using Microsoft Excel, and assisting with the preparation of deliverables to lenders, investors and internal parties. Come willing to learn about the investment process, day-to-day business and decision making.
Due to the broad scope of the program, interns are matched to an appropriate placement according to an analysis of their skills, experience, educational background, and duration of stay. (Various placements are also subject to availability). We encourage applicants to state any preferences when applying and specific details of the assigned placement will be provided prior to the program start date.
Intake dates for new interns are offered every Monday, year-round. The minimum duration requirement for Real Estate & Property Management internship placements is a commitment of 4 weeks. Applicants may apply online to formally express their interest (it’s free and non-obligatory to apply) and – upon being accepted – register to confirm their internship in the field of Real Estate & Property Management.

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Region Africa
Country South Africa

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