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Special Needs / Childcare Internships

Internships in Costa Rica

Special Needs / Childcare Internships
From £630
Duration 14 - 168 Days
From £630
Duration 14 - 168 Days
Costa Rica offers unparalleled natural beauty within a rapidly developing economy. Looking for an internship which combines adventure travel with career insight? Check out our programs in Costa Rica!

Intern Abroad HQ offers flexible and affordable internships in Costa Rica! With impressive environmental policies, unparalleled biodiversity, a rapidly developing economy and “pura vida” culture, there is no better place in the world to join an internship abroad. Most placements are based in the Central Valley, which provides an ideal and convenient base to visit other parts of the country from.
Special Needs / Childcare internship placements are suitable for students and young professionals with a passion for helping others to overcome diversity and disability. Patience, flexibility, and openness are essential. While the nature of this work can be challenging, it may also be deeply rewarding and provide insight into careers related to caring, disability support, therapy and social work.
Intern in Costa Rica - Intern Abroad HQ
Various placements may include day care centres and special needs facilities, so the tasks to assist with will vary and the age of the individuals that could be cared for ranges from babies to young adults. While a background in social work, psychology or physiotherapy are preferred, it is not essential. However, an understanding of basic Spanish is required for this Costa Rica internship. All interns who are not yet intermediate Spanish speakers are strongly encouraged to take Spanish language lessons in addition to their internship program.
It can be expected that main tasks to assist with will involve setting up, organising and carrying out structured activities, helping the staff with the daily chores (i.e. cleaning, feeding the children, preparing the food etc), helping prepare educational materials for the classroom time and teaching. A great deal of energy, creativity and motivation are required in order to work with children, helping to foster independence and self-esteem.
Intake dates for new interns are typically offered twice a month. The minimum duration requirement for Special Needs / Childcare internship placements is a commitment of at least 2 weeks. Applicants may apply online to formally express their interest (it’s free and non-obligatory to apply) and – upon being accepted – register to confirm their internship in the field of Special Needs / Childcare.

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Region Central America
Country Costa Rica

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