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Animal Internships Abroad

Veterinary internships & work experience

Veterinary internships while travelling are ideal for anybody who has a passion for wildlife care and who is considering a career in veterinary science or related fields. Although usually unpaid, veterinary internships abroad offer invaluable hands-on experience treating animals, the opportunity to learn from and work alongside professionals, and to experience new countries and cultures, all at the same time, whether you’re helping horses in Mongolia or saving stray dogs in Bali.

Animal internships abroad are often in less-developed countries, in places like Africa and South East Asia, where working conditions are tougher than back home. Depending on your placement you might not always be working with exotic animals: it’s often malnourished and injured house pets, like cats and dogs, that need the most help in these communities. But working in these conditions will leave you equipped to handle anything, and potentially give you the edge over other candidates when applying for jobs or courses in future. Part of your role might be to run educational clinics to inform the local community on pet hygiene and how best to care for their pets.

If you love animals and picture dedicating your life to helping them, this kind of animal work experience not only helps local communities, but will leave you with priceless experience. Have a look at the available opportunities below.

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