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Veterinary internship in South Africa

Veterinary internship in South Africa
From £1699
Duration 14 Days
From £1699
Duration 14 Days
Gain veterinary experience with domestic, farm and wild animals in South Africa

About the project

This veterinary internship is perfect for people who are hoping to study veterinary medicine, or who are in the early years of their studies. You will be assisting a mobile veterinary unit on its rounds, visiting places such as animal clinics, farms and game reserves. It is a fantastic way to learn and contribute at the same time, working with a wide range of animals from domestic to wild.

A veterinary intern meets an elephants

Your role

As a veterinary intern, you will become fully immersed in the care of a wide range of animals. This project is demand-driven, so there are no guarantees of what will need to be done before you go. Examples can include game capture and release, working with horses, helping with de-worming of local dogs, education and medicine administration. There are also a wide range of lectures delivered to help you develop your knowledge as you go.

Get hands on veterinary experience in South AfricaAccommodation

Your main base will be in the town of Chintsa, living in a lovely shared house not far from the beach. Due to the nature of the project however, you may at times be overnighting elsewhere.

Our staff will get you fully prepared beforehand and will be able to advise and help throughout. Once in South Africa you will be well looked after by the project staff, who will meet you at the airport and get you settled in.

Veterinary internship in South Africa

What's Included

  • Food
  • Accommodation
Experience Internships
Region Africa
Country South Africa

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