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Veterinary Internship in South Africa

Veterinary Internship in South Africa
From £1168
Duration 30 - 84 Days
From £1168
Duration 30 - 84 Days
Compliment your studies by gaining international work experience and developing your skills and knowledge on a veterinary internship in South Africa, Ecuador or Bolivia.

Develop your interests and studies in a veterinary science or animal welfare by participating in this pre-veterinary internship headed by an experienced and qualified botanist in South Africa. You will be able to develop your practical skills and knowledge by working alongside local wildlife expert in 3 different settings; with African wildlife on game reserves, with livestock on farms and domestic animals in rural villages and townships. It really is a varied placement and you will have the opportunity to be exposed to large and small animals living from mice to monkeys in various locations, from the bush to the home.

Being an intern in South Africa is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain a much better understanding of issues facing a range of animals from big to small, domestic to wild. Working alongside local experts you will discover who veterinary practice is approached in South Africa and the treatment available. You will also understand how domestic animals have a much tougher time than they often do in other countries.

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Region Africa
Country South Africa

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