Youth Development & Education Internships in Peru

Internships in Cusco

Youth Development & Education Internships in Peru
From £395
Duration 14 - 168 Days
From £395
Duration 14 - 168 Days
Based in the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, affordable internships in Cusco offer something for everyone!

Intern Abroad HQ offers flexible and affordable internships in Cusco, Peru! Living in Cusco (at least once in your life) is definitely a “must do”! The city is truely fascinating and maintains a strong cultural identity alongside the multiculturalism of a bustling urban city. Cusco internships cover a wide range of disciplines and comfortable home-stay accommodation is situated within close proximity to the historical centre.

The Youth Development & Education internship in Peru provides experience that translates to a number of careers in education and social work. Interns work to assist at-risk youth in homes or after-school placements, helping with homework, classroom tutoring, arts, and sports, while also creating a positive environment for guidance, understanding and healthy role-modelling. Additionally, interns with sufficient Spanish language ability and medical training may also run health workshops.

Internships in Peru - Intern Abroad HQ

There is often no fixed structure for activities and it is important to be proactive. This may especially include homework assistance and tutoring, since some children may have illiterate parents who are unable to facilitate their children’s learning. The ages of the children typically ranges from 6 to 14 years old. Recreational activities can include painting, dancing, drawing etc, but interns may assist with the organization of other activities.

An understanding of basic Spanish is required. All interns who are not yet intermediate – fluent Spanish speakers are strongly encouraged to take Spanish language lessons in addition to their internship program.

Intake dates for new interns are typically offered every Monday. The minimum duration requirement forYouth Development & Education internship internship placements is a commitment of at least 2 weeks. Apply online to formally express your interest (it’s free and non-obligatory to apply) and – upon being accepted – register to confirm your internship in the field of Youth Development & Education.

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Region South America
Country Peru

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At Intern Abroad HQ, our mission is to connect students and young professionals with flexible and affordable internships around the world. Our internship programs promote cross-cultural competency, while providing interns with tools to inspire personal and professional development.
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