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Whole Hog 2 Week – Interrail Adventure

A first-time traveller favourite, The Whole Hog is an awesome way to cram in as many bucket list cities as possible.

Whole Hog 2 Week – Interrail Adventure
From £1069 - 3699
Duration 15 Days
From £1069 - 3699
Duration 15 Days
Our classic 2 week Interrail adventure, this trip takes you from London, through central Europe and all the way down to Rome.

15 days and 14 nights of non-stop European adventure, with 13 nights in accommodation and one on a night train. All of your other journeys will be daytime trains – plus, the trip includes travel from your nearest UK station and Eurostar to Paris.

The Whole Hog – 2 Weeks

This is a fast paced Interrailing route offering seven awesome destinations in 2 weeks. Journeys vary in length from a few hours to a full day’s travel, but we’ll always ensure that you arrive in good time to make the most of each city. Start from your nearest UK station and travel all the way to Rome.

Trip Description:

A first-time traveller favourite, The Whole Hog is an awesome way to cram in as many bucket list cities as possible. Our most popular 2 week interrailing package is a fast paced adventure taking you from London to Italy, via seven of Europe’s most popular destinations; you can sleep when you’re dead!
Fancy a more leisurely pace? Opt for our 3 or 4 week routes, or get in touch to customise your route.


London – Start Trip

Paris – 2 nights

Amsterdam – 1 night

Berlin – 2 nights

Prague – 2 nights

Vienna – 1 nights

Venice – 2 nights

Florence – 2 nights

Rome – 3 nights

How will I travel?

Your transport from London is covered by the Eurostar, and your transport from the UK will also be covered by your interrail pass. For the return journey, it’s cheapest and quickest to book a budget flight back from Rome. Alternatively, ask us about making your trip a loop to finish back in London!

Where will I stay?

Stay in our top rated accommodation – whether that’s our specially selected boutique hostels, 2-3* hotels or 4* hotels.

Can I change the route?

Sure! All our trips are customisable, so if you prefer to fly to Paris rather than taking the Eurostar, or want to add some extra nights in Amsterdam, that’s no problem. Just reply to our emails explaining what you’d like and we’ll adjust the price for you.

What's Included

  • Accommodation
  • Trains
  • 24 hour helpline
  • Personalised Travel Pack
  • Seat reservations where necessary
Experience InterRailing
Region Europe
Country Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom


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