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Outdoor activity instructor jobs

Who says working has to be boring? We all travel to find excitement, and by taking adventure jobs abroad you’ll get paid for the pleasure, while also helping like-minded travellers have the experience of a lifetime.

There is a huge range of adventure jobs available all over the world, most casting you as an activity instructor. You might take people kayaking through the rainforest in Costa Rica, skydiving in New Zealand, or zorbing wherever zorbing is a thing people do. Activity instructor jobs are fun, pay well, let you experience another country, and give you unlimited access to whatever white knuckle craziness you’re peddling. There’s no way your friends back home won’t be jealous.

If you’re interested in outdoor adventure jobs, whether just for a summer or for your whole gap year, have a look at the opportunities below to find one that suits you. Any job after this will feel like a walk in the park.

Find work abroad as an activity instructor with these opportunities


Adventure Guide Internship

from £5000

90 days

New Zealand

Enjoy a 3 month activity-based tour, gain globally recognised guiding qualifications and land an adventure tourism job based in Queenstown,...

Lifeguard Roles Summer Camp USA

from £649

63 days

United States of America

Paid Lifeguard opportunities in America! Work in the USA at one of over 500 summer camps with children of all...

Work and Travel in New Zealand

from £945

365 days

New Zealand

Head to NZ to live and work as a local!Our team will assist you with necessary paperwork, job finding and...

Paid Work in Outback Australia

from £1645

90 - 365 days


Work in rural Australia and find a job suited to your skills and interests. Get off the beaten tourist track...


Tower to Tapas

from £839

It’s all about the tapas on the trail from France to Spain, so unleash your inner foodie god or goddess....

Northern Thailand Experience

Meet saffron-robed monks, visit hilltribe villages and delve into the different on an adventure that includes Thailand's wild northwest corner....

Colours of Asia – Singapore to Bangkok

Colourful capitals, traditional culture and tropical natural wonders—this adventure is seasoned with all the spice you would expect from these...

Europe Inspired

from £1664

Introducing the Europe all-rounder – a comprehensive exploration of some of Europe’s most popular and sought-after destinations. Casually picnic by...

New Zealand Adventure Southbound (ex Auckland)

from £4235

Explore and experience New Zealand to the fullest, from the secluded beaches and volcanic craters of the north to the...

Explore India & Nepal

from £2399

Discover northern India’s famed Golden Triangle and get immersed in Nepalese culture on a 17-day journey. Explore the Taj Mahal...

Sailing Indonesia – Bali & Lombok

from £847

The impossibly beautiful coastlines of Bali and Lombok have to be seen to be believed – no postcard can do...

Falls, Beaches & Serengeti Adventure (Southbound)

from £2422

Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Kruger National Park, Lake Malawi, Zanzibar, to Victoria Falls – we originally called this trip...

Japan Winter Festivals

from £2405

Be entranced by winter in Japan. Experience the sensational Sapporo Snow Festival, be awestruck by the size of snow sculptures...

Western Crossing

from £1049

See the best a tour of Western Europe has to offer as we make our way from London to the...

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