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Jobs in Australia

Gap year jobs in Australia

There are plenty of jobs in Australia to choose from if you’re backpacking or travelling. If you’re aged 18-30 then you can apply for a working holiday visa (WHV), which allows you to live and work in Australia for up to a year (two years if you’re accepted on a second WHV).

Best of all, it’s not all just fruit-picking. There are thousands of jobs in Australia, each one different, such as being a jackaroo / jillaroo on a ranch, a diving instructor on the Great Barrier Reef or a miner in Broome. Whatever your profession, you’re bound to find work in Australia. In fact your WHV allows you to work in any job you like from pouring drinks in a bar in Melbourne to plumbing in Perth. You’re only limited by your ambition and imagination.

A job in Australia really gives you the opportunity to get to know the country, to become a part of a community and to learn valuable skills for life. Not only that, but it can further fund your gap year and travels. Why not secure your job in Australia, today.

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