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Camp Counselor Roles at Summer Camp

Work in the USA

Camp Counselor Roles at Summer Camp
From £599
Duration 63 Days
From £599
Duration 63 Days
Work in the USA at one of over 500 summer camps with children of all ages. Gain over 800 hours experience teaching a wide variety of activities & looking after children.

About summer camp in America
Introducing the legendary American tradition that is Summer Camp.
From the white beaches of Miami to the Alaskan wilderness, summer camps all around the US become home for thousands of American children from May to September each year. Summer camp America provides limitless opportunities for campers to step outside their comfort zone. It is the setting for adventure.
Hurtle and soar down zip lines in the morning, learn to ride a pony or paint a masterpiece in the afternoon, then end your day feeling the heat from the campfire as you stuff yourself with sticky roasted marshmallows. It’s an action packed and exhilarating environment, with the chance to experience something new each and every day.
Working at a summer camp is undeniably a life changing experience, one of the best summer jobs you could ever have. The benefits are endless but we have picked out a few which immediately come to mind…
Do what you love
Going to USA summer camp is far from the office 9-5. Forget about being stuck behind a desk, this is the job where you get to live out your passion every single day. From riding the whitewater rapids, to mastering a pottery wheel – try something completely new this summer and have an absolute blast whilst doing it.
Ever wanted to teach?
Why not try your hand at instructing your favourite skill and open the campers’ eyes to absolutely epic activities. This is your chance to spend 8 weeks in the sunshine, working in a role which you really enjoy.
You know as the phrase goes, ‘Do what you love and and you’ll never have to work a day in your life’.
Life-long friendships from around the World
We can vouch that Camp mates are some of the best mates you’ll ever have.
You meet incredible people from all over the world who are energetic, hilarious and want to make the most of their lives. Anyone who wants to work with children and travel is going to be good fun to be around.
Experience an enormous variety of cultures and make lasting connections around the world.  People who you’re sure to visit in their hometowns across the Continents for years to come. Hilarious WhatsApp group conversations and regular Skype sessions? Yes please.
Travel and experience America firsthand
Ever wanted to view the New York skyline from the Empire State building, surf the waves in San Diego or witness a sunrise over the Grand Canyon?
When you go with us, you’ll have 30 days travel time after camp to soak in the sights and experience even more. You’ll be able to explore the best of America, whether you fancy Washington DC, Miami, LA, Vegas or a bit of it all, the choice is yours. We’ll even sort you out a discount on group road trips with other travellers and summer camp staff.
Boost your CV
Not only is summer camp an exhilarating way to spend your summer, living in the moment and having a completely extraordinary experience. Its is also helping prepare you for your future.
Working at summer camp is now globally recognised by employers and is admired for the independence, drive and ambition that it shows. You left your comfort zone, travelled and built your cultural awareness all whilst working in a high pressured, team environment. You are a role model, you’ve cared for children all whilst gaining over 800 coaching hours in a specialised skill over the summer – working at a summer camp is definitely going to make you stand out from the crowd.
Conquer new challenges
Shake up your life and quit the normal. Going to camp and then exploring the States afterwards with your new friends, will change the way you view the world and the way you relate to others. You’ll experience cultures you’ve never experienced before, you’ll eat the food, try the lingo and learn about the places other people call home. You’ll also learn about yourself, gaining essential communication skills and becoming far more confident in yourself. Conquer those fears, challenge yourself and, in short, you’ll achieve things you never thought you could.
Epic Memories
“This one time at summer camp” – Summer camp jobs are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Working as a camp counselor in the USA you’ll create memories to last a lifetime and come back home with some incredible travel stories.
But we do warn you. Summer camp in America is highly addictive, when you get home and the summer blues kick in – you won’t quite believe all you have achieved, the friends you’ve made, sights you’ve seen – you’ll be counting down the days until you return to summer camp again.

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