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Horse Riding Camp Jobs, USA

Hang out with some large four legged friends!

Horse Riding Camp Jobs, USA
From £345
Duration 56 - 84 Days
From £345
Duration 56 - 84 Days
Apply today and bag yourself a job working at camp in the USA working with horses! Teach riding and spend your summer with your favourite 4 legged friends!

The role of a horse riding instructor is definitely demanding, both physically and time wise, but also extremely rewarding and so much fun! We always say, as a horse riding instructor you have two sets of campers, the kids and the horses.
Riding programs differ from camp to camp. Some will be basic, hacking out and pony rides will be their main foundation, whereas others will be much more advanced, including show jumping and dressage lessons and competitions. Some camps even teach vaulting! All instructors will be required to ride at a decent standard and have some knowledge in horse care, but typically the more advanced your skills are the more advanced program area you can expect to work in.
Most camps teach an English style of riding but some will integrate Western riding into their lessons. You can expect to teach all ages and abilities of riders whilst also maintaining the care of the horses, including mucking out, feeding, taking up etc.  Most camps will also do stable management lessons for the campers, so that they can truly understand what it takes to look after a horse, and not just learn to ride. Horse Riding Instructors are required to arrive before orientation in order to get the horses and barn ready for the campers’ arrival.
Wild Packs offer some of the highest salaries in the industry. You’ll have the security of being placed at a camp which you have chosen. We work with over 200 premier camps all over the USA! There is a camp for everyone. The Wild Packs team have and continue to work at camp every summer, so we know our stuff!
Full onsite training is provided.
Free online application.
All food and accommodation provided throughout the duration of your contract.
Minimum $1600 salary (not pocket money).
Travel time of up to 8 weeks in the States before and/or after camp has finished.
No registration or application fees.
Complete medical insurance throughout the duration of your stay in the US.

Experience Jobs Abroad
Region North America
Country United States of America

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Wild Packs specialise in finding summer camp jobs (based all over America) for hundreds of successful applicants every year. The year round team at Wild Packs HQ have worked on camp for years and many of us return each summer to embrace the mayhem of camp! We understand the power and magic of summer camp.
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