Nanny Jobs Abroad

Work as an au pair or nanny overseas

Whether you want kids of your own one day or are interested in working in childcare or teaching, nanny jobs and au pair work abroad are a great way to gain experience and see if you’re really cut out for it. You can find these roles all over the world, from Barcelona to New Zealand to Vienna.

As a nanny or au pair you’ll work for a host family as a live-in assistant, taking care of the kids as well as being responsible for various household duties such as cleaning, cooking, and gardening. You’ll be paid for your work, of course, and living with the family means accommodation and food are free, offering a great opportunity to save up some cash.

Nanny and au pair jobs abroad, whether in Europe or North America, will vary from family to family, but most will treat you like a relative, welcoming you into their home and giving you the chance to see a new country from the perspective of a local. You’re also able to travel in your time off. There are au pair and nanny jobs available all over the world, so take your time and find the right placement for you.

Check out our nanny and au pair jobs abroad


Experience America as an Au Pair

from £1,155.00

365 - 730 days

Being a Cultural Care au pair gives you the chance to live out your dream in the USA while growing...

Au Pair/Homestay Tutor Adventure in China

from £500.00

90 - 365 days

Seeking 18-30 yr olds to tutor English to Chinese kids. Live with a Chinese family, learn Mandarin & experience a...

Au Pair in Australia

from £100.00

From 180 days

Au Pair with amazing families in Australia and have the experience of a lifetime. Live with a family, offer a...

Culture Homestay English Teaching Program

from £100.00

80 - 365 days

Want to experience authentic China? Get the full educational travel experience - learning Mandarin, tutoring English and looking after Chinese...

Au Pair in China

from £435.00

60 days

Travel to China and earn money as an Au Pair for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 months. This is...

Au Pair in New Zealand

from £450.00

90 - 360 days

Discover our enchanting landscapes and famous hospitality as you experience life in one of the world's most popular travel destinations....

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