Jobs in New Zealand

Gap year jobs in New Zealand

Looking for jobs in New Zealand couldn’t be easier. Most visas can be applied for online, particularly the Working Holiday Scheme Visa (WHSV). This visa permits applicants to stay in New Zealand for up to 23 months, working for a maximum of 12 months. You can even enroll in a training or study course for up to 6 months if you feel you need to brush up on your professional skills.

Jobs in New Zealand are varied and numerous. Common industries for gap year workers include hospitality and administration. New Zealand also has what they call a ‘skills shortage list’. If your profession is one that is mentioned on that list, you’ve got the qualifications and experience that New Zealand is specifically looking for. This could make getting a permanent working or resident visa easier for you further down the line if you choose to stay on in the country.

And come on, why wouldn’t you? With the combination of sheer natural beauty and a bustling economy, New Zealand makes a great place to spend a working holiday abroad.

Check out these jobs in New Zealand


Guest Services and Ticket Sales Jobs in New Zealand

from £549

182 - 365 days

New Zealand

Accelerate your adrenaline and launch your working holiday in New Zealand. Gap year jobs don’t come much better.

Work and Travel in New Zealand

from £945

365 days

New Zealand

Head to NZ to live and work as a local!Our team will assist you with necessary paperwork, job finding and...

Au Pair in New Zealand

from £450

90 - 360 days

New Zealand

Discover our enchanting landscapes and famous hospitality as you experience life in one of the world's most popular travel destinations....

Get Paid to Ski or Snowboard in New Zealand

from £4579

120 - 150 days

New Zealand

We offer the ultimate ski and snowboard instructor courses. Working with the world’s top ski resorts the program provides full...

School Assistant in New Zealand

from £1900

150 - 330 days

New Zealand

Schools Assistants in New Zealand have varied and exciting roles working in either a day or boarding school, as you...

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