Ski and Snowboard Instructor in Switzerland

Get paid to ride everyday working as a ski instructor

Ski and Snowboard Instructor in Switzerland
From £9975
Duration 120 - 150 Days
From £9975
Duration 120 - 150 Days
EA Ski and Snowboard Training are internship specialists providing people from all over the world the chance to work as paid instructors at some of the top resorts all over the globe!

Want to work as a Ski Instructor in Switzerland?

EA Ski and Snowboard Training are now recruiting for intermediate to advanced skiers and snowboarders to join paid instructor internships in Switzerland!  You will work, train and qualify and an instructor before moving into your paid position a part of the resort team! Our all-inclusive instructor internships include full season training, a guaranteed job offer, exams fees, staff benefits, accommodation while training, heaps of like-minded mates and the best winter of your life high in the Alps!

Resorts Available

Verbier – Verbier and the Four Valleys offer 410 kilometres of ski runs and 93 ski lifts, all included in your ONE ski pass!
Zermatt – Verbier’s village has the most amazing view of the most photogenic mountain, the Matterhorn, whose summit is 4,478 meters high!
Saas-Fee – SO much to offer at Saas Fee, 22 lifts, 3 cable cards, 1 railway and 5 gondolas! ( That’s slot of terrain!)
St. Moritz  – St Moritz played host to the Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948 and has been known as a world-class destination for skiers and snowboarders from all over the world!

Click apply online to see if you qualify for an instructor internship, and choose from one of our epic winter gap year destinations. 

Click apply online to see if you qualify for this instructor job opportunity and start planning your winter gap year!

Why should you join an instructor internship with EA Ski & Snowboard Training? 

EA Ski & Snowboard recognize the importance of encouraging new instructors in this competitive industry. EA has the most paid instructor positions in Switzerland, this exciting entry-level package offers the same quality training and certification with the security of a guaranteed job offer before you leave home. We’ve partnered with the world’s top resorts to bring you the ultimate full season ski course that combines ski instructor training and a guaranteed ski instructor job offer. Step straight into a Ski School and start living and experiencing the dream!

When and where can you?

Ski Instructor Internships start in November and run until April each year, in Switzerland and at over 29 resorts in Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the US too. We sell places a year in advance so if you’re considering joining the ski industry, now is the time to apply.

Paid Internships include:

Guaranteed job offer
– Full season lift pass
– Training and exam fees
– Accommodation
– Support getting your working holiday visa
– Staff benefits and social events
and so much more… 

Click apply online to see if you qualify for an instructor internship, and choose from one of our epic winter gap year destinations. 


Experience Jobs Abroad
Region Europe
Country Switzerland

EA Ski & Snowboard Instructor Training

EA Ski & Snowboard Training have been taking skiers and snowboarders from around the globe and providing them with instructor jobs at our 30+ world-class resorts. EA provides two ways to become an instructor, a ski or snowboard instructor internship program and a ski or snowboard instructor training course. See all products from EA Ski & Snowboard Instructor Training >
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