Jobs in South Africa

Gap year jobs in South Africa

Looking for jobs in South Africa is a great way to fully immerse yourself in the culture of this unique county. From modern cities to vast game parks full of roving wild animals, South Africa has it all. Having overcome a troublesome past, South Africa is now a melting pot of people from all backgrounds and a bustling hive of culture.

Before you start your search for jobs in South Africa make sure you do your research on appropriate working visas. South Africa doesn’t have a specific ‘working holiday’ visa therefore you are likely to have to apply for a standard working permit, which may take longer to apply for and process. Once you secure your visa however, your employment opportunities are fruitful.

Common jobs in South Africa include teaching, sport coaching and working as a ranger or a guide in a safari park! Most South Africans speak English however knowledge of isiZulu and Afrikaans would definitely give job applicants an advantage. If you’re interested in jobs in South Africa, check out our product listings.

Jobs and volunteering in South Africa


Park & Wildlife Management

from £1

14 - 90 days

Work on the Balule Game Reserve in the greater Kruger National Park with experienced field guides, research managers and ecologists.

Dog Rescue in South Africa

from £895

14 - 70 days

Support a Dog and Cat Rescue project in the beautiful coastal winelands outside of Cape Town.

Social Impact Experience

from £978

14 - 28 days

On this part-time home stay experience in Cape Town, you will be faced with the daily challenges, but will find...

Monkey Rescue in South Africa

from £545

7 - 84 days

​Work hands on with a variety of primate species at a well-respected rescue centre. You will learn about primate behaviour...

Veterinary Experience in South Africa

from £1090

14 - 28 days

Gain veterinary experience on a Big 5 game reserve in South Africa, closely shadowing the reserve experts and helping out...

Volunteer with African Elephants

from £1415

21 - 84 days

Hands-on volunteering with these gentle giants - get to know the elephants as you feed them and monitor their behaviour....

African Big 5 Wildlife Conservation

from £1264

14 - 84 days

As a volunteer in the Greater Kruger area in South Africa, you will experience Africa's amazing wildlife through research drives...

Social Work Internship in Cape Town

from £660

14 - 168 days

Cape Town is a fantastic destination for an international internship - a vibrant and bustling city with business, medical and...

Sports and Surfing in South Africa

from £1095

14 days

Visit amazing Cape Town in South Africa when you volunteer alongside an international team teaching underprivileged children from townships to...

Volunteer with Children in South Africa

from £945

14 days

Assist with childcare & educational activities in a township educare centre while exploring South Africa


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from £655

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from £2564

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