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Teaching Jobs Abroad

Teach English abroad with these paid TEFL roles

Teaching jobs abroad are an ideal way to travel while earning money and valuable experience. You’ll be placed in a school with motivated young students, and you don’t even need to speak a second language as they’ll want you speaking English as much as possible. Winner!

That’s not to say you can take it lightly. To teach abroad at a reputable school you will usually be expected to hold both a university degree and a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) qualification. This is attained via a weekend-long course that can be completed in the UK. In return for doing this work, many paid teaching abroad programs will offer free or subsidised housing, travel allowance, round-trip airfares, annual leave, and sometimes more (this will vary from placement to placement, so always read the details), giving you the chance to save money and travel the region.

There’s huge demand to teach English abroad, meaning intrepid travellers like you can find a paid job almost anywhere on the planet. We’ve heard from people who’ve taught in countries around the world, from Japan to France to Ghana to China to Czech Republic to Fiji to Cambodia. If you want to broaden your knowledge of the world, learn about different cultures and communities, meet new friends, make a difference to the lives of young people, and gain valuable work experience, all while getting paid, teaching abroad is for you.

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