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Temp work abroad

Temporary jobs are a great way to fund your travels while you’re on your gap year. Employees can earn by the hour, earn higher rates of pay and leave at short notice. Temp work abroad comes in all shapes in sizes from holiday rep work to fruit picking. However one thing remains the same, the flexibility you will experience from temporary jobs is like nothing you will experience in any other type of work.

Temp work abroad can see you make loads of money while avoiding the daily grind. Take graphic design, for example: bring your laptop to the beach and you have your own portable office in the most idyllic of locations! Make yourself more employable by diversifying your work experience and build up an international list of contacts (it might come in very handy in the future!). Temporary jobs can be found in most countries around the world from Australia to Colombia and there are many companies who are there to help you find just the role you’ve been looking for.

If you’re interested in temp work abroad then check out our product listings and contact someone who can help you.

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