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Jobs in the USA

Gap Year Jobs in the USA

Although you can secure a job in the USA independently, if you don’t have a US passport or green card you will need a visa. Some visas require the applicant to be highly skilled in their profession, but there are visas designed for young people and students to gain work experience in the USA. These types of visas require you to find a Legal Sponsor (and this means a designated company, not your aunt Maureen!).

The first step is to do your research and find an organisation that can sponsor your stay in the United States. Check your eligibility, which is usually based on your home country and your educational status. Some will offer roles such as camp counsellors, au pairs, bar work, etc. You might also find a company to sponsor you for ski and snowboard work in a resort. Companies who advertise ski and snowboard instructor positions often offer free accommodation to their employees as part of their employment package, which is a great way to further fund your gap year.

Another option open to university students and graduates is the J1 Visa, a work-and-study based exchange program. You can contact your embassy for a list of designated sponsors for this visa.

Although there are a few more hoops to jump through, jobs in the USA aren’t completely out of reach. With a little bit of research you could land the job of your dreams, in the land of the free.

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