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Waterfront Jobs at Summer Camp

Work in the USA

Waterfront Jobs at Summer Camp
From £599
Duration 63 Days
From £599
Duration 63 Days
Work on the waterfront at one of over 500 summer camps in America with children of all ages. Gain over 800 hours experience instructing sailing & boating, waterskiing, canoeing and more.

Waterfront jobs are some of the highest in demand by camps in the US. The lake and pool are core aspects of summer camp life and are often the centre of many activities, including camp-wide pool parties.
Waterfront jobs at camp are for anyone who has knowledge in a water based skill area and can instruct with energy.
Watersport instructor jobs in America definitely vary and offer a lot of diversity each day. It’s certainly busy – campers will come to the lake shore or beach every session – everyone loves to cool off, jump in and go on the inflatables. Work as a lifeguard or a watersport instructor at a camp this summer and have an absolute blast.
What does a water-skiing or wakeboarding instructor do?
Water-skiing and wakeboarding are definitely the most fast-paced water sport activities at camp. Speeding around the lake, is there a more exciting and invigorating way to spend your summer mornings and afternoons?
Campers can’t get enough of waterskiing/wakeboarding and will all run down to the lakefront to be first in line. As the waterskiing/wakeboard instructor at camp you’ll work closely with other lake staff, including the lifeguards and motorboat instructors. You’ll be there to encourage and support skiers/riders and help the campers develop their technique and fundamental skills. Based down at the lake, you’ll assist campers in the skills and techniques involved in the sport, working with small groups for each session.
A director will want to know all about your skill set and what you specialise in, from racing, barefoot, kneeboard, slalom, trick, jump or wakeskate – go into detail about your own qualifications and what drew you to this sport.
What does a sailing and boating instructor do at summer camp?
Set sail and spend your summer cruising on the lake or in the ocean, being on the boating staff is an incredible way to spend your summer. As a sailing and boating instructor, you’ll be instructing a range of water-based activities, developing skills and increasing campers confidence on the water. Capable of sailing a training boat in strong winds and handling small powerboats, boating instructors work closely with the lifeguards and at many smaller camps may even be involved in lifeguarding duties if qualified.
Having an eagerness to get on board is essential for a sailing job as, at the majority of camps, you’ll be responsible for the maintenance of the docking area, boathouse and boating equipment.
As a sailing and boating instructor, you can expect to be working with all ages and abilities. Everyone wants to be on the water.
What does a canoeing and kayaking instructor do?
From calm, serene lakes to turbulent rivers and rapids – kayaking at camp is easily one of the most popular activities in the schedule.
As a kayaking and canoeing specialist you’ll be instructing and introducing campers to all the tricks of the sport, developing confidence and fine tuning their boat handling skills.
From general purpose slalom kayaks to open cockpit canoes – camps have a range of boats for the campers to try out for the day. As a canoeing/kayaking specialist you’ll work closely with the lifeguards and at many smaller camps may even be involved in lifeguarding duties if qualified.
You should be prepared to bring the energy to work long days. Camp directors are looking for someone with experience, to work with campers on their skills and to confidently lead expeditions.
Based on age and ability, you’ll have the option to adapt which skills and games you’d like to focus on for the session and if the campers are strong, even going out on the rapids!

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  • Accommodation
  • Visa
  • Wage
Experience Jobs Abroad
Region North America
Country United States of America

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