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Updated 14 years, 9 months ago

Ok just a shortish message here to let you know what I`m up to at the moment.
We`ve started working at the hospital now, a lot of it is pretty boring actually but its cool pushing patients around the hospital and talking to them. The rest of the time we seem to spend cleaning and doing a lot of folding things, i NEVER want to fold anything again.
I`m still having a great time though. Hiroshima is fantastic as usual and we`ve been to quite a few office type parties where the main aim seems to be to eat weird food and get drunk.

On Sunday we went to famous Island called Miyajima close to Hiroshima. It`s famous because of a huge tori gate in the sea just off the coast which is thought to be one of the top 3 views in Japan. There are also 100`s of tame deer on the Island that will come up and try and steal you`re food, as will the monkeys though they`re not quite so tame or easy to see. The Islands also full of beautiful temples and shrines.
Anyway I better go and get back to work now.

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