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Updated 14 years, 7 months ago

Last weekend was supposedly Hiroshima`s best festival of the year. Loads of Japanese people (mostly young women) dress up, and walk about the streets in their summer kimonos (yukata). It`s supposed to mark the start of summer and the rainy season, but luckily it hasn`t really rained yet, though it looks like it`s about to start pouring down all the time. Talking of rain we were supposed to have a big Typhoon about a week ago but in the end it was disappointingly weak, but I did get absolutly soaked cycling home in it!!
`Tokusan` was great last weekend though lots of festival stalls selling yummy food and generally a good party atmosphere i.e. lots of people getting drunk and sitting out in the sun. Also felt very Japanese with all the people dressed up in their traditional clothing, I got into the spirit by getting into a drunken sumo fight at about 2am on sunday morning, stopped short of stripping down to sumo-pants in order to get free drinks though.

Also went to a really beautiful temple on the outskirts of Hiroshima. It`s quite small, but set in the mountains and very atmospheric. I tried to climb up the mountain but only got about half way exhausted, have no idea how I`m going to make it up Mt. Fuji in September.

anyway bye for now

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