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Matsuyama (Shikoku)

Updated 14 years, 7 months ago

Well my travels have started again, today I caught the boat from Hiroshima to Matsuyama(you probably won`t of heard of it if you`ve never been to Japan, it`s quite a big city but a long way off the tourist track)
The main attraction is an onsen(hot bath) resort called Dogo, and it`s apparently the oldest one in Japan.
I went there for a nice hot bath tonight and then just sat about in yukatas, drinking green tea and relaxing. It`s really amazing and I think I`ll be going back again nice and early tomorrow morning. We`re staying in the youth hostel here and it has to be one of the best ever. Huge rooms with TV`s, free snacks, free net access. Then even have an amazing massaging chair.
So as you can I`ve decided to relax as much as possible here after a weekend of excess. We had a huge drinking contest on Friday, had to try to drink 100 shots of beer, 1 every minute for 100 minutes. Ended up completely pissed but it was fantastic fun.

anyway better go now

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