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North Italy and Istria

Updated 12 years, 7 months ago

Well finally after getting away from the extortionate internet prices of Italy Ive got a chance to write a bit about my travels so far although i may struggle with z and y switched around on the keyboard.
Spent the first 2 days away in Venice it is as beautiful as everyone says but pretty overcrowded with tourists, i would have hated to be there in the middle of august. I also did a day trip to Padua which is a nice escape from the crowds of Venice, some really nice churches and also a few nice parks and piazzas to sit in the sun.
I then moved onto Triesete for 2 nights just on the Italian border with slovenia, i was staying at a hostel out of the centre near a place called Miramere a sort of large white castle/large mansion on the coast. It was really beautiful up there, the centre of Trieste was nowhere near as nice a few nice little areas but much nicer to look at from a distance up the coast than up close.

Finallz moved onto Croatia via Slovenia yesterday, Im staying in a small seaside town called Rovinj. There are quite as few tourists about but most of the new developments have been kept out of the old town so its still a very attractive place to be. Im staying in a room with a beautiful room across the harbour and old town, and its nice to have a private room and double bed again, the only drawback is that it is very noisy.
There are lots of places to go swimming and sunbathing along the rocky shores.

anyway thats all for now

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