Two Days in Venice

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Two Days in Venice

Updated 3 years, 3 months ago

Yesterday morning we got to Venice. We started off in the famous Saint Mark's Square and fed the dirty pigeons. Normally I'm against that kind of thing but everyone was doing it and it just seemed like the thing that you do here. Then, we went to a glass-blowing demonstration. The glass at the shop was cool but crazy expensive. They had chandeliers for 32,000 euros! Mum would love that kind of thing. Haha. Next we had a demonstration in lace-making. The place was the last lace school remaining in Venice, and it only survives through heavy government subsidies. I suppose it would be a shame to let the craft die out, but lace isn't really my thing. It was beautiful though. I guess. 

After lunch, we walked up to see the Rialto Bridge – got some cool pics of us lot messing around up there. Then we took a gondola ride on the canal, which was relaxing but a bit of a letdown. It's pretty but the water is dirty and smelly, which you'd never know from the pictures. We saw a lot of garbage and even a dead rat. Gross. But I guess it's a Venice must-do, so I'm glad I went.

Today was the first rain of the trip since home, and I discovered that I really didn't miss it at all. It poured - poured - as in, the heavens opened up and there was a full-fledged thunder and lightning storm. So now everything's wet and muddy and gross, and I hope some of it dries by morning because we have to pack up early to get back on the bus to head out to Austria.

Venice was really cool to visit. I think I would've liked to stay for longer but I've got to keep up with the group really. I hope I come back in the future and spend a lot longer here. So many places in the world to see and experience, I feel quite overwhelmed! 

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