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Went to a mad clog factory tour

Updated 3 years, 3 months ago

Yesterday, we drove here from St. Goar, and on the way we stoped at a little village called Edam, where we went on a short bike tour around the town to see some working windmills. Then a visit to a cheese and clogs factory. The cheese wasn't really my thing, but the clog demonstration was cool. The demo guy practically carved an entire shoe just while talking to us. They're so uncomfortable, though!

We arrived in Amsterdam yesterday evening and had a good dinner at the hostel. Then we went on the "secret optional", which was actually a tour of the red light district. It's not on the brochure, probably for good reason. The district is a cross between amusing and just plain disturbing. It's one thing to hear about prostitutes in windows, it's another to actually see them. It'll make for a good story, though.

Today, we spent the day touring Amsterdam. We visited a diamond factory - another attempt to make kickbacks from our purchases by the tour company, but this one was kind of silly because, honestly, who was going to buy a diamond on a backpacking trip? Then we went on a canal bike (read: paddleboat) ride on the canal, which was really fun even though we got lost and ended up spending an hour longer than we were supposed to. Then we walked up to the Anne Frank Museum and spent a while there. It wasn't nearly as powerful as last week's trip to the concentration camp, of course, but it was still extremely fascinating. It's amazing how much was saved and preserved, including the diaries. It was also really weird hearing all the Israeli tourists speaking Hebrew everywhere.

Lunch consisted of traditional dutch pancakes (yummy) but we didn't have much time to do a lot else, and I really could've used another couple of days in Amsterdam to see it properly. Now we're getting ready for our last night out together with the group, and then back to London tomorrow.

See you all soon!

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