Another 15 days past.

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Another 15 days past.

Updated 10 years, 7 months ago

Thats another 15 days gone since my last blog.
What have I done... Paid my car off so from next month I can put some proper money away and the big save really starts.

Min of £850 month for 8 months = £6800
+ money from car £1300

Total £8200

Thats the goal. costs to come out of that but £7000+ easy target.

Plan to date. now I'm travelling alone I'm planning on flying to singapore on 20/2/08 and travelling round S E Asia. which way and where I'm still looking in to. Possibly Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand-Cambodia-Loas-maybe vietnam. Not sure how long but I'm thinking on doing at least 6months then to oz but Maybe back to UK in between for my bro's wedding when he decides a date.

Hope the days keep passing only 245 days or 35 weeks or 8 months today and counting....

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