It all went wrong again ! ! !

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It all went wrong again ! ! !

Updated 9 years, 2 weeks ago

Its now feb 2009, haven't left the UK and haven't hardly left Hull in the past year. But I now have to do this or regret it for ever.

So in 5 weeks I'll be working at one of my old holiday parks for the best part of a season. Quite lucrative by my standards and very lucrative by my reason earning standards. But apparently its one of the UK's industries that will weather the recession pretty well. Because more and more Brit's are planning on UK holidays. I'm hoping to save about £8000 after expenses (flights etc.)

Then in Nov time i'm going to fly out to Australia on the W.H.V. which if i don't get it in the next few years i'll regret it for ever as the dreaded 30th birthday approaches. I'd like to last 2 years in OZ but lets see. Lets actually get there first.

I've been reading a few blogs and I'm actually looking forward to working out there as well. fruit picking and the like. Living in 1 place for a short while as well.

So keeping plans on track and getting the money together I'll keep bloging and get there before 2010 lol

My passport forms will be getting sent off tomorrow.

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